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PawFoods Meals and Ingredients

What sets PawFoods apart from other dog fresh-food brands?

PawFoods is dedicated to providing fresh and premium pet food made from human-grade ingredients. Recipes are carefully crafted with a focus on quality and nutrition, setting PawFoods apart from traditional dog food options.

What are the main qualities of PawFoods' recipes?

Recipes feature only human-grade ingredients, with no by-products or fillers added. All ingredients are real and natural with no chemicals or additives. Each ingredient is gently steamed to ensure the retention of their nutritional qualities.

What are the recommended uses for each PawFoods recipe?

○ Steak Sensation: Ideal for active dogs, fussy eaters, and puppies.

○ Chicken Feast: Perfect for moderately active dogs and those already on a chicken-based diet.

○ Under the Sea: Recommended for dogs with allergies, those needing improved skin & coat, and those looking to manage their weight.

Are PawFoods recipes balanced for my dog's nutritional needs?

Absolutely. All recipes are professionally balanced to meet and exceed AAFCO standards, ensuring your furry friend gets the nutrition they need for a healthy and happy life.

Does PawFoods cater to dogs with specific dietary needs?

Yes, the 3 diverse recipes cater to various dietary needs, from active dogs to those with allergies, promoting overall health and well-being. Ask our veterinary team below if you need guidance on specific dietary counseling.

Can I mix PawFoods with my dog's current diet?

Yes, recipes can be incorporated into your dog's existing diet. We recommend a complete transition for the full benefit of PawFoods fresh food qualities. Gradually introduce PawFoods over 7-10 days to avoid digestive issues for your pet. PawFoods can also be used as a topper if needed to supplement your pet’s diet with all the nutrients from fresh food.

Are PawFoods meals suitable for all dog sizes?

Yes, there are five different meal sizes for each recipe, ensuring that there's an ideal portion for dogs of all sizes. No more mess in the kitchen or the refrigerator. No more open packages for multiple feedings. A simple recipe - one meal, one package.

Can I use PawFoods for both puppies and adult dogs?

Yes, all recipes are balanced for all dog ages. The "Steak Sensation" recipe is particularly suitable for puppies, providing the necessary nutrients for their growth and development. Only with a good and healthy food can your puppy develop to their full genetic potential.

Are there any artificial additives, fillers or preservatives in PawFoods recipes?

No, PawFoods is committed to providing a natural and healthy diet for your dog, free from artificial additives, fillers or preservatives.

Health & Benefits

Do dogs really live longer eating fresh home-made food?

Yes! ¹Studies show dogs live on average 32 months longer when eating fresh home-made food

Can PawFoods help with my dog's skin and coat health?

Absolutely. The "Under the Sea" recipe is specifically designed to address skin and coat concerns, providing essential nutrients for a shiny and healthy coat.

Are PawFoods recipes gluten-free?

Yes, all PawFoods recipes are gluten-free, catering to dogs with sensitivities or allergies to gluten-containing ingredients.

Is grain-free food beneficial for dogs, and is PawFoods grain-free?

While PawFoods is not grain-free, we believe in a balanced approach, more than in a grain-free approach. A small amount of grain is included in all recipes, recognizing that it can contribute to a well-rounded diet without being the main source of protein. The main source of protein will be Steak, Chicken, or Fish, depending on the recipe you choose.

Why choose fresh food over kibble for my dog?

Fresh food provides a more natural and nutrient-rich diet compared to kibble. It is simply a more natural food, similar to what your dog would get in nature. PawFoods fresh food meals only contain human-grade ingredients, preserving essential nutrients that may be lost in the industrial processing of dry dog food. 

Why choose PawFoods over other fresh food options for my dog?

PawFoods stands out as the best choice due to its commitment to gentle steaming, easily identifiable ingredients, using all natural, human-grade ingredients and adherence to the highest AAFCO standards for a well-balanced and nutritious diet.

Why is steaming the preferred cooking method for PawFoods recipes?

Steaming is chosen because it preserves the nutritional integrity of the ingredients. It helps maintain the essential vitamins, minerals, and flavors, ensuring your dog gets the maximum benefit from each meal.

What does AAFCO stand for, and why is it important for pet food?

AAFCO stands for the Association of American Feed Control Officials. It sets nutritional standards for pet food to ensure it meets the essential requirements for a complete and balanced diet, providing guidelines that PawFoods recipes exceed.

How do I transition my dog to PawFoods from their current diet?

To transition, gradually mix PawFoods with your dog's current food over 7-10 days, increasing the proportion of PawFoods each day until fully transitioned.

What if I have additional questions? 

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