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Get fast and easy answers for most common questions about fresh food & treats, benefits and the ordering and delivery process.

Ordering PawFoods. We make it simple

How do I purchase PawFoods?

Placing an order online is simple. First, select the ideal recipe for your pup as well as their size/weight category. Then, either select a subscription or one-time order. Your order will be shipped to you within a couple of days. See more info on editing orders below.

Where do you ship to and how long will it take to arrive?

We ship nationwide in the continental US (no Alaska or Hawaii yet). Orders will ship out Monday-Thursday to keep food fresh and will arrive within 1-2 business days. We also offer local pick-up at our partner stores in Irvine, CA.

How do Subscriptions work?

Subscriptions make life simple and convenient for you to receive your regular shipments of PawFoods. You also get a discount for your loyalty to PawFoods. Rest assured that subscriptions can be easily paused at any time (ex. if you are out of town for a little while) and resumed when you're ready to start again.

Are there any discounts or special offers?

Yes! Subscriptions have a discounted price and we have special limited-time offers during the year. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with new promotions and offers.

Can my pup try the food before subscribing?

Absolutely! Select the best recipe for your pup and choose a one-time order to try out different recipes before choosing the ideal one and subscribing.

How do I store and serve PawFoods?

We make this is easy as possible! When your box of PawFoods arrives, store them in the freezer, except 3-4 meals that can already go into the fridge to thaw (always have 3-4 meals in the fridge so you're always ready). 

At meal time, food must be served at room temperature. Either water bath them for 3-5 minutes before the meal or put them in a microwave safe container and microwave for 20-30 seconds.

How long does it take to transition my dog to fresh food?

Every pup is different but we recommend a paced introduction depending on how long your pup has been on kibble. Each year of kibble = one day of transition, mixing in 50% of their current diet with 50% of PawFoods. Adjust as needed and possibly transition faster if you see your pup has quickly adjusted to PawFoods.

Can I cancel, pause or exchange my order?

Absolutely. After you start your subscription, you can cancel at any time, pause and restart your deliveries, or exchange your meals for a different recipe. You can do this easily by logging into your customer account or reaching out to our customer service team anytime.

PawFoods Meals

Is fresh dog food better than kibble?

Unlike kibble, fresh food has no added fillers or preservatives and does not go through a heavy processing or extrusion process. Nutrients are provided from the food itself instead of large amounts of unnatural vitamins and minerals. With PawFoods, no extra supplements are necessary than the natural booster already in each meal!

What are the best recipes for dog food?

There are multiple recipe options for dogs available in the market, but we have focused on the tried and true ingredients with known benefits for dogs. Steak and Chicken are the best and most regular type of real food for dogs with a regular/active lifestyle. For pets needing a lower calorie diet or those with allergies, our Salmon recipe is ideal.

What is the best fresh food for dogs?

PawFoods is the only fresh dog food company that steams all ingredients to maintain nutrients. This helps reduce the amount of supplements needed to be added to each meal. PawFoods is also made in small batches, so you can easily identify all ingredients that go into the meal - none of that mush you see elsewhere! Our patties are also individually packaged, making it an easy and mess-free meal.

Why is steam-cooking better?

Our entire cooking process uses steaming to preserve maximum nutrients. Different than frying, boiling or industrial processing of ingredients, steaming gently cooks all the food to remove bacteria, but preserves all natural juices and nutritional values.

What ingredients are in each meal?

PawFoods uses only the best ingredients, including premium protein, superfoods and all-natural fruits and vegetables for all meals. For a detailed breakdown of each ingredient, click on your favorite recipe.

Can my puppy eat fresh food?

Puppies can and should eat fresh food! Young dogs are in active development and need to have food that allows them to easily absorb all the nutrients they need to grow. Our recipes are perfectly formulated to provide all nutrients necessary and be a complete and balanced meal for dogs of all ages and sizes - just select your dog's size for the ideal portion.

Why are Gluten-free meals so important?

Dogs are primarily carnivores. They can easily digest meats as well as fruits and vegetables, but have a very hard time digesting gluten (think anything with wheat in it - pasta, bread, pizza, etc). When dogs eat food with gluten, such as kibble that use cheap wheat products as fillers, their body is being filled with gluten every single day. Since gluten isn't easily digestable, it begins to block the pores in their digestive tract responsible for the absorption of nutrients. As months and years of having pores blocked by gluten go by, their body is unable to absorb the proper amount of nutrients needed for everyday functions. This deficiency of nutrients begins to affect everything from slower activity and development, organ malfunction and immune system deficiencies. Gluten is very, very bad for dogs, so let's avoid it!

Is Grain-free food good for dogs?

Grains are a necessary part of a healthy diet and PawFoods contains just the right amount of grains for your pet. The PawFoods Salmon recipe is 100% grain free in case your veterinarian has recommendation you to avoid grains for your pet. Kibble and other processed foods have given grains a bad reputation since they were using way too much of it as fillers, but in small amounts grains are beneficial to a well-rounded meal.

What is a complete & balanced meal?

Complete & Balanced is an official term meaning the food has everything needed to provide a full daily meal for you dog. All PawFoods ingredients are selected with specific benefits for your dog. The few extra vitamins or minerals not provided naturally from ingredients are provided by the high quality, USA and naturally sourced vitamins and minerals in our booster.

PawFoods Treats

Are PawFoods Treats really organic?

Yes! PawFoods Treats are one of the few treats in the market that are fully Certified USDA Organic. This means we have gone through a very thorough vetting process and inpections, and proven to use only organic ingredients in our recipes.

This means our Treats are 100% natural, toxin and preservative-free and the healthiest treats you can get for your pet.

What are the benefits of each treat recipe?

Each recipe has been carefully designed to bring multiple health benefits for dogs. 

Minty paws started out as the dental treat we have in our meals to help freshen doggy breath and help clean teeth. They were so adored by the dogs eating them that owners started asking us about getting only the treats. And PawFoods Treats was born!

Salmon Paws was next to offer great support for skin and shiny coats. We found the most concentrated form of natural omega 3 and 6 which is from pure salmon oil so we added that to our formulas. 

Fruity Paws came from a mix of tasty and healthy fruits for dogs, which are blueberries and bananas. It tastes great and is filled with antioxidants to support a healthy immune system and strong joints.

How do I pick the best treats for my dog?

If your pet has a specific need, such as needing to improve doggy breath, skin & coat or their immune system, the choice is simple. If your pet is healthy and you are looking for healthy treats, select our Mix & Match option to try a variety and see which they like best!

Does each treat really only have 5 calories?

Yes! Each of our treats is so healthy, with no added calories, just pure, natural ingredients. We also use organic oat flour instead of regular wheat flour making our treats gluten-free while maintaining lower calories.

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