Join Sugar. 5x World Dog Surf Champion eating PawFoods 

Fresh ingredients improve health, nutrition & longevity

100% Gluten-Free so dogs can absorb all nutrients

Easy, No Mess, ready-to-serve meals

FREE dental Treat with every meal to freshen breath

The reasons to switch are simple

Better Food

Better food directly impacts and improves:

- dental health for better teeth & breath

- skin health for shinier coats

- digestive health for better development and weight management.

Healthy Food

- Superior ingredients

- Easy to chew and digest

- Fresh ingredients for ideal nutrition.

Loved by all dogs

- 1000's of dogs eat and love our meals

- Ideal for puppies and adults

- Easy and simple packaging

Still feeding kibble? 

It's time for better food.

It's time to stop feeding your pet industrialized kibble made from chemicals and processed ingredients. Switch to fresh food and start feeding your pet what they need and love ๐Ÿ’š

Natural Ingredients

Made from 100% natural ingredients, all sourced in the USA.

No Preservatives

PawFoods has no preservatives and is simple: store in freezer, thaw in fridge, serve at room temperature.

Is kibble really cheaper? Watch below to find out:


Omega 3 & 6 for soft and shiny coats.

Great for improving skin health.


Freshens doggy breath, helps clean teeth. 

Delicious and loved by all pets.


Antioxidants to boost immune system.

Joint & Hip support for active & older dogs.


Get all the health benefits together! Variety pack has every flavor to help improve your pet's overall health.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What are the benefits of fresh food?
Fresh food means we do not use any processed foods, chemicals or preservatives. Just real, human-grade ingredients. We balance the meal with all nutritional values required to keep your pet healthy and at an ideal weight.

Our fresh food has already positively changed the lives of countless pups, improving allergies and skin health, weight management, softer and shinier coats, more energy and fussy eaters that now love meal time!

02. How does PawFoods compare to other fresh food options?

PawFoods was created to improve on other fresh food options. 

  - Ingredients are clearly identifiable so you know what you're getting (no mush)

  - We steam cook all ingredients so they preserve natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

  - Our mess-free packaging makes your life easier with a custom-size meal for your dog's weight.

  - All fruits and vegetables are organic to reduce toxins

  - We include a free treat with every meal!

03. What about the price?
Comparing the price of fresh food to kibble may seem higher at first. But it's like comparing fast-food to a healthy meal you eat. That's because ingredients are natural, and not processed and mass-produced. 

We include a treat with every meal to reduce your monthly cost of treats (it adds up!), and most importantly, a healthy diet will help keep your pet strong and healthy and help prevent weight gain, sickness and unneccessary, costly visits to the vet.


meals served & loved

Araceli C


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I had tried another very popular fresh dog brand for my pup but it upset his stomach terribly! I decided to switch him over to PawFoods and itโ€™s the best decision a dog owner can make.
Victor V


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My pupster loved the food. He can be a picky eater sometimes but he was all about the chicken feast. Itโ€™s well-packaged and it even comes with a treat!