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You want the best food for your dog?

Is your dog overweight?

Kibble is filled with unhealthy calories, making many dogs overweight. It's like having them on a fast food diet everyday.

Does your dog have allergies?

Chemicals found in processed foods can cause skin irritation and allergies. Fresh food and natural ingredients will clean all that up.

Why switch to fresh food?

Fresh food takes dogs back to a natural diet. Real meats, fish, fresh vegetables and fruit bring the same advantages to dogs that they bring to us humans.

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The reasons to switch are simple

Easy & Convenient

Feeding Fresh has never been easier. Meals come in easy and ready to serve packaging.

The Best Ingredients

Kibble is full of chemicals and preservatives. Fresh, natural food is the healthiest way to go.

Unbeatable Price for Fresh Food

Want to switch but worried about the price? There is finally an affordable option.

Healthier Diet

Switch to PawFoods

Real Ingredients

Ready to Serve

Fresh is Best

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Fresh Meals

Save 6%
Steak Recipe - PawFoods

Steak Recipe

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Save 11%
Salmon Recipe - PawFoods

Salmon Recipe

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Chicken Recipe - PawFoods

Chicken Recipe

Sale priceFrom $71.99Regular price $84.99
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an innovative and radical change to dog food packaging
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