Our Mission is our Passion

Driven by the passion we have for our own dogs, we set off with a simple objective:

"Create the best food and treats a dog can eat, with a great experience for the owner."

How to create the best dog food?

Research, formulators, veterinarians and a lot of testing! We partnered with vets, experienced formulators and fully embraced the pet food industry association standards (AAFCO) to find the ideal formula and ingredients for dogs.

By combing through all the options, nutritional research and lots of delicious concept testing, we carefully selected the ideal ingredients and made improvements to all areas of the dog's diet and the serving process to create an amazing meal that's a pleasure both for your dog and for you.

Where does all this goodness come from?

All PawFoods Meals and Treats are 100% sourced and manufactured in the USA. 

We make everything in our beautiful, fully certified human-grade kitchen in Irvine, California


2691 Richter Ave, Suite 115

Irvine, CA, 92606

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